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October 2013 - Work continues at Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. Red-tailed Hawk cages are built to Honor Marty Brickner & Phil Easterly.
See photos: Click here.

September 2013 - The HOMERS chose a new project at the Bunning Farm. Click here to see photos.

January 2013 - Homers complete a deer enclosure at the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.
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November 2012 - Homers are mentioned in an article entitled New Garden Reflects Community Efforts appearing in The Central Record by Rita Manno.  PDF copy available here.

October 20, 2012 - Homers at the Medford Works Festival

Homers Tom Meisse, Larry Wilson, Pete Zizak, Jerry Duffy, Marty Brickner, and Bob Duerholz volunteered for the Medford Works Festival on October 20th.  The Homers were assisted by Alice Brickner and Chelsea Duerholz.  We supervised the children's games.  By the smiles on the children's faces, we are sure they had a really good time.
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October 2012

HOMERs honored at RSVP luncheon
On 4 October 2012 Homers Larry Wilson, Carl Oattes, George Ellis, Marty Brickner, Jerry Duffy and
Bob Duerholz attended the Annual Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Brunch and Information Fair.
Three Homers won door prizes and George Ellis received his five years service recognition pin and certificate.

MAY - Homers Built a Boardwalk Entrance to Cedar Run's Main Entrance. 
To see photos, click here.

APRIL - Homers Assist with Completion of Work at a Habitat for Humanity in Medford. 
To see photos, click here.
APRIL 22, 2012 - The Woman's Club of Medford asked the HOMERS for our time and muscle.  We assembled benches for a beautification project.  See photo, here.

Woodfords work continued this year with a bridge/walkway into the Education Center, the repair of two bridges along the nature trails and the installation of a 320 foot long section of anchor chain fence at the new deer enclosure.
Throughout the year many projects were completed but most rewarding was our paint and repair work at a private home with a disabled son.  We also built a deck that was part of a Medford community project.

At Woodfords in 2011, the HOMERs cleaned out the basement at the Education Center and modified a shed used to house their all-terrain vehicle.  Additionally we built a fox and other small animal cages and made caged enclosures for small birds in their animal hospital.

Fall 2010

Yet again, the HOMERs have returned to Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. This time they have built from the cement pad up, and completed an Educational Pavilion for out-door, but sheltered meetings of all kinds.

You may like to read a letter thanking the HOMERs for their dedication and skill.

Photos of work completed during the summer and fall of 2010

Summer 2010

Once again, this summer, the HOMERs have returned to the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, to build shelters for rescued animals. The work is extremely difficult in this hot weather we've been having, but the willingness to be of service is a HOMER priority.

Take another look at the work in progress.

Summer 2009

This year the HOMERs have returned to Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, where their mission is to care for animals that need rehabilitation, to foster environmental education and maintain a wildlife habitat.

Take a look at the HOMERs hard at work and some of the residents.

More pictures of work being done at Cedar Run.

Summer 2008

During Summer of 2008 the HOMERs branched off to volunteer for the Medford Historical Society. A team of five HOMERs helped renovate the 150 year old Cross Keys School House, located on Mill Street.

A continuing volunteer effort since 2000 has been at Camp Kettle Run Girl Scout Camp in Medford. Some of the projects include cabin construction, a new water-pump house and a on-going project to convert open-air activity areas to enclosed screened-in pavilions.

Past efforts:

For several years HOMERs provided transportation services from home-to-daycare centers for the Moorestown based Tender-Care coalition.

For two summer seasons HOMERs volunteered their services to the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge building cages for an American eagle and other wildlife.

Another volunteer project was helping Medford Township install roofing on sports shelters.

In February 2002 the HOMERs did volunteer work at the Lake Pine Colony Club.

Homers Volunteering at the
Medford Sports Complex, 2000

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Jerry, Marty, George, Phil and Carl
wait for instructions while rebuilding
the camp's pump house.

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Charlie Kapeghian Remembered