Volunteer Time at Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

Another day at Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge
Bobby D., Phil, George, Tom, Larry, Jerry, Marty & Pete

Tom, I told you tab A goes into slot C.

"Lloyd Bridges" Larry preparing his gear.

A very w
elcome break. (Who said it was a union job?)

Nothing is too good for the fowl, a ramp so they don't trip

Glen "The Boss" supervises.

Marty and Pete at lofty heights.

Showing no fear of being at the top.

George wishing he was up there too.

Phil, working hard as usual.
"Where are the other nine holes?"

Larry, up to his a** in hard work, or
maybe he's knee deep in something.

Com'on Larry, there's no time to be

Pete Z. - Mr. Steady

Phil E. - Mr. Pockets

Three HOMERs and some wildlife. Caged!
Have fun fellows, but get quacking.

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