HOMERs Hard at Work on the Bunning Farm
September 2013


Away with the old

George, Glenn, and Tom



Bob and Glenn

Outing the project

Marking the line

Post hole

Making it straight

Laying in the beams

Roughing in the floor


Long boards are hard to handle

Rail alignment



A Special email, as received by the HOMERs

As we all enjoyed a lunch break on the new deck during a work day at
Bunning Farm yesterday (about 35 Lowe’s and community volunteers
and reporters present), I was able to brag about a great (and handsome!)
group of guys who made the deck possible.  Everyone was very
 impressed.  Thank you!!


Tom, thank you for pulling all of this together and for the photos.  I will
be printing up the group shot and framing it on the wall just inside that
back door off the deck so that all the world who visits can see who made
it possible!  We now have a couple of chairs donated by Lowe’s up on
the deck, so feel free to stop by and enjoy a moment in that new
sanctuary you created there...

 Every good wish,

Janet Carlson Giardina