To: Glenn Nec, David Stow, Jeanne Woodford, Joe Costanza.
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 3:40 PM

Subject: Education pavilion

Thanks to Glenn and his volunteer work crew, the pavilion is complete! This was an arduous project, but Glenn took it on and now it is done and ready to use! And just in time for AWA. Terri and the education team are so thrilled, we all went out and did a blessing of sorts in the form of a shot of sassafras root beer.

Glenn and his crew deserve our thanks. Without the HOMERs, this never would have been completed any time soon. And for those of you more directly involved, you know not one step of this process was easy.

Thanks Glenn, and if we have a Holiday party this year, tell the guys I will buy them each a beer of thanks!

Many of you have been involved along the way and have an investment is seeing this project to completion. I hope you all take a minute to drive by and check it out. Hard work and perseverance do pay off sometimes.


Jeanne M Gural, Executive Director
Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

(856) 983-3329 Ext. 101