The HOMERs who worked on the new Educational Pavilion at Cedar Run.

From left to right: Bobby D., Tom, John (Homer Assistant), Carl, Larry, Jerry, Phil, Glenn (Refuge Supervisor), Marty, Bob.
Workers/Volunteers not present for photo: Rich, Pete, and George.

Carl and Rich examine the ceiling beams.

Carl and Larry examine the floor.

Hey Carl, tell Glen what comes next.

Jerry contemplates his wound.

Six Homers with tools.

Tom decides if the job is done.

John arrives in the supply-mobile.

View from the podium.

Perfect craftsmanship.

No, Phil, carve the pumpkin,
not the railing.

No better joints than these.

Larry, Glen, and Rich.

View from the back.

Power tools, only for the most skilled.

Who's in charge?

Supervision is always available.

Sunset on a perfect day at Cedar Run.

Photographs courtesy of Bobby D.

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