HOMERs in Washington, DC

April 23 & 24, 2010

On Friday we met and drove to Washington to see the
Rock Creek Cemetery and Abraham Lincoln's Summer Cottage.

Rich, George, Lou, Tom,
Rick Longfellow (guest Homer for this trip),
Ray, Bobby D. & Pete. Jerry Duffy is behind the camera.

A bronze, life-size sculpture of President Lincoln and his horse Old Bob adorn the front patio of the Lincoln Cottage at the Old Soldier's Home, Washington, DC.

Pete, Bobby D., George, Tom, Ray, Rick,
Abe, Lou, Jerry and Rich

President Lincoln's horse was named Old Bob.
Could t
here be two Old Bobs seen here?

The front of Lincoln's Cottage at the
Old Soldier's Home, Washington, DC.

From the back porch of Lincoln's Cottage, the President could look down the hill and over the city of Washington.

Rick, Ray and George inspect the President's back
porch for signs of historical truths.

On Saturday morning, the 24th, the HOMERs finally had the opportunity
to participate in the John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tour. We have
waited 16 months to do this tour so many of us were excited to attend.

First stop - Ford's Theater - President's Box

Looking over the edge of the boxes to the stage.

Waiting to see inside the President's box.

The weapon used to do the dastardly murder.

Tom and Alice in front of the Peterson House.

Peterson's Front Room

Temporary Seat of Government

Room Where Lincoln Died

The bed where President Lincoln died. April 15, 1865.

Peter, Bobby D. & Rich wait to board the bus.

Joan Chaconas - Our Tour Guide

The front of Surratt's Tavern

Our guide at the Surratt Tavern; a gathering place that
served as a Post Office, Voting Place and Bar.

Surratt Tavern Kitchen

Surratt Tavern Living Room

Surratt Tavern Dining Room

One of the guns the conspirators hid at the tavern.

The portrait of Mary Surratt that hangs in the tavern.

Awaiting entry at the Mudd Farm House

Living Room at the Mudd Farm House and the sofa
where Dr. Mudd put a splint on JWB's broken leg.

The site where JWB crossed the Potomac River

Pete points at an Eagle who joined the tour
for a
minute or two.

The Cleydael House. Colonel Mosley stands
ready to welcome visitors.

Rick asks the Colonel how often travelers come by.

Tour narrator, Bob Allan

Sign points to the last stop of the day. The
site is now in the traffic medium along Route #301.

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