On a beautiful day in August 2008
the HOMERs launched into history . . . when . . .

... a state employee asked, "Why are there four workers and only one watcher?"

... Oh my, thinks the state employee, "Even the watcher is working now, what is this state coming to?"

... the director of pointing asked, "Is Phil about to pontificate on the proper launch sequence for canoes?"

.. the goddess of comfort wondered, "Is George going to kneel and pray for a safe return or sit and hope for the best?"

... a muse of physics queries, "Is Tom really testing the law of expanded stances and if it adds stability to dangerous circumstances?"

... a trial judge suggests, "If Radar's hands fit in those gloves, he must be guilty."

... the guru of claims argues, "Does Marty really think he is staking out that Hiawatha Special?"

... a natural laws lawyer asks, "Is Radar curious about why his vessel is hopelessly grounded?"

... Bob and George ask each other, "This happens every year, why do we bother to canoe? Why don't we just come here and eat?"

... Radar smiles for the camera, but thinks, "Why did the food closet refuse my lunch when I offered it to the homeless?"

... Bacchus asks of the gods, "Is Phil really that happy
even when he knows the Clydesdales are miles away?"

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