Homers in Gettysburg - October 12th & 13th, 2008

Day One.

Marty, our very capable driver, picks up the group in the HOMERmobile and we all set off for the battlefields of Gettysburg, PA. We're 145 years late for the battle but we all want to learn of the happenings there and we're doing part of the trip on Segways.

Arrival in Gettysburg . . . Marty, Carl, Larry, Jerry, Tom, Bob D., Ray, Phil and George. Jerry delivers the plan of attack. Bobby D. records the event for history.

As the warriors before us, we trek to Gettysburg from our native state to fight the battle. This time, not of blood but learning, because we are so fortunate to have our retirement and health.

First order of business is lunch. Bob, Carl, George, Marty and Bobby D. dine al fresco ...

... as do Jerry, Ray, Larry, Tom, and Phil. Next we're off to the new Gettysburg Battlefield Museum.

George & Carl examine a museum display.

Marty, Bob and Jerry talk strategy.

Ray stands next to the spot in the diorama where
the artist painted-in an image of himself.

Look closely, at the bottom of the red tree. . . see him?

Oh you can't, sorry.

After the museum we're off to visit a

Presidential home - the Gettysburg residence of

President Dwight David Eisenhower

The Eisenhower home.

The Guest House.

Ike's putting green.

Ike's barn.

We wonder if Tom knows what he's waiting for?

Phil and our bus-driver.

Sunset at the Eisenhower Farm

The tired Homers return to "camp" after a long day.

Our reward for being exemplary tourists is a great dinner at the Gingerbread Tavern, where our waitress remembered everything - correctly and a good night's sleep.

Day Two. We begin another day of touring.

Down a long but not winding road, ...

at a meeting spot with a full-service men's room ...

the Segways arrive and . . .


we watch as the "life-saving" instructions are given ...

and a demonstration is offered.


As newcomers to Segways, Larry and Ray are naturals.

Segway veterans, Carl and Tom, are amazed that the new models have a brake.

So ... it's off we go, back that same road for a day on the battlefield.

As we follow our Tour Guide, we see ...

battlefield monuments, ...

and Nepoleon Cannon, and in some places...

we see cannon and monuments together.

Some times we go up hill, and then

we inspect the battlefield from Little Round Top before

we go downhill to the Devil's Den.

But before we desend to Devil's Den
we must rub Col. O'Rourke's nose -- fun good luck.

We learn the legend of the Devil's Den,

but we skirt the edge to avoid the evil.

We see fences

and wildflowers,

but there are times to stop and listen,

and times, to go for broke.

At the Inspection Tower, we look to the north ...

and to the Eisenhower Farm, ...

but mostly we look down from high above ...

and closer to the ground.

All on a beautiful autumn day.

Time to go home.