The HOMER website grew so fast it needed a new home.

On September 10th, Bob and Jerry ventured all the way to Ray's house in Millville for a website re-design meeting.

About two and a half hours of hard work moved the site from its former location to Server 47, its new home.

The pictures tell the rest of the story.

Two heads are better than one. Or three in this case. Bob watched for awhile but soon lost interest. We'll get him to understand computers someday as much as he understood instrument panels all those years ago.

What do you think Bob? Silly question, Ray and Jerry are working on how many pictures to include from the Kayak trip and Bob's sitting back looking at Ray's postcard collection. That's okay, we'll make him work at lunch time.

What's funny?

Because Jerry had never had the thrill of a lunch at the FLIGHT LINE, Bob and I decided he should not be permitted to age another day without learning how the best comfort-food in Millville is served in a World War II era barracks building.

Millville Army Airfield was the nation's first defense airport. The runways that were used both militarily and commercially are still in perfect condition and now serve mostly private flights into the new New Jersey Motorsport Center and many other commercial uses.

Breakfast or lunch at the FLIGHT LINE is always a treat. They serve three egg omelets and sandwiches that are well worth the trip. World War II memorabilia cover the walls. Including pictures of where Ray lived as a boy.

See . . . we told you Bob would be working hard at lunch.