At the Rodin Museum on April 17, 2008

an intimate home of more than 400 sculptures by the French artist
Auguste Rodin

Presented to the citizens of Philadelphia by the early 20th century movie mogul

Jules E. Mastbaum

the HOMERs discovered mystery, history and more.

At the Rodin Museum you are greeted at the Gates of Hell. This set of bronze doors were created by the artist in 1926.

The group in anticipation of the museum visit.

If the statue could talk, what would it ask?

The back-side of three Thinkers; George, Mr.
Rodin's version and Snarly.

At the Water Works ...

The HOMERs with our special guest
for the day, Sister Mary, HOMER Marty's daughter

A view of the Water-Works with
Philly skyline.

View of Boat House Row and Philadelphia Zoo balloon ride.

Viewing the history video.

Enjoying lunch after a wonderful day in the city.

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