Welcome to the web site that may change your life!

We are a group of retired men in Southern New Jersey who have joined together
to bring more meaning to our retirement years. Our efforts have been successful!

We have three goals:
1) Volunteer our services to the community.'
2) Help each other.
3) Have some "FUN."
Our 2018 Schedule

Homer Night Out Dates
HNO Host
2018 HOMER Trips - Dates TBA
Homer/Homerette Events in 2018
January 10th

February 14th

March 14th
Radar Bob will host a car trip to the PRR
Museum in Strasburg, Pa.

April 11th
Bobby D

Peter & Lorie (Date, Time & Place TBA)
May 23rd
George E
Fred will lead our group across the river to the Museum of the American Revolution. Surely he will plan for lunch in Philadelphia.

June 13th

Walt & Tony (Date, Time & Place TBA)
July 25th
(afternoon event)

Ray will host a visit to the Bay-Shore Museum at Port Norris and
Lunch at the Oyster Cracker

August 4th
(Canoe Carnival Saturday)
Bob H

September 12th
Jerry will take the HOMERs to the
Simione Auto Museum in Philadelphia.

Bob & Joann (Date, Time & Place TBA)
October 10th
(Annual Meeting)

George G

November 14th

Christmas Luncheon TBA

HOMER Highlights of 2018
Regular meetings have be monthly,
in January we met at Walt's and had dinner at Cielito's Mexican Cuisine
in February Larry hosted cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at home before dinner.
in March we met at Dave's then ventured over to Restaurant Femmina
also Larry hosted a one-day trip to the Sports Museum in Haddonfield
in April Bobby D. took us to the Fortune Cookie
in May the HOMERs met early at the Flying W for breakfast
also Bob Davis led the group to Strasbourg , PA, for a visit to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum
in June Gene took us to the Village Pub
in July the HOMERs met Ray in Port Norris for lunch and a visit to the Bay-Shore Museum

Homers and Homerettes - Christmas 2017
Front Row, l to r: Mike & Maureen D., Billie K., Janice & George E.
Middle Row: Nicole G., Mickey D., Pat Rhoad, Bob "Radar," Sherry D., Brenda H., Barbara S., Sue W., Tony F., Joanne D., Marie H., Connie L., Joyce S., and Ron S.
Back Row: Gene G., Bain K., Bob H., Fred S., Larry W., Walt R., Bob D., Ray H., Peter P., Rich L., and Jerry D.

From left to right: Jerry, Radar, Ray, Bob, Bob H., Ron, Walt, Peter, Jerry, George & George.
Homer Highlights in 2017
Since March (the HNO that never happened), the HOMERs have meet regularly each month at a member's home:
in April at Bob H's
in May at Fred's
in June at Bain's
in July at Rich's
in August at Dave's
in September at Gene's
in October at George G's
in November at Peter's

Since October, some members led by Walt R., have had breakfast together at the Patty Wagon Cafe near the runway at the Flying W Airport in Medford.
The next scheduled breakfast is at 9 AM Monday, December 4th - come join the fun. The food is great, the company is better.

We are pleased to announce the creation of the
Robert Rodney Rhoad, Jr. Fund for the Preservation and Restoration of Historic Art
at the Jamestown, Rhode Island, Historical Society.

A HOMER's memorial donation to this fund helped make it possible and we have received
a thank you letter outlining the process the Historical Society will follow
to restore a wonderful old watercolor of a stone wall in East Ferry, Rhode Island.
It may be that Bob's father and also he, as a young boy, may have
stopped at a well nearby for water on a hot summer day.

All HOMERs are invited to  visit the Jamestown, Rhode Island Historical Society at 92 Narragansett Avenue.
If individual members care to make additional donations, mail it to P.O.Box 156, Jamestown, RI 02835
March Meeting
February 15, 2017
Hello, Peter!
Peter is the newest HOMER, he lives in Medford and recently retired.

January 11, 2017
The first HNO of 2017 was held at Larry W's.
A good time was had by all.
Rich Livingston was our guest speaker of the evening.

Attention All Members
A revision of meeting dates necessitates a revised calendar; please consult the following chart for details.

January 11 at Larry's
April 12 at Bob H.'s
July 12 at Rich's
October 11 at Radar's
February 8 at George E.'s May 24* at Fred's
August 9 at Dave's
November 8 at Bobby D.'s
March 8 at George G.'s
June 14 at Bain's
September 13 at Walt's
December 13 at Jerry's
    * As always, if your assigned date becomes an impossibility for you to host, simply find someone to trade dates with you, and inform Walt, Jerry and Ray of the change.
    ** Fred's HNO will be the fourth Wednesday of May.

Additional plans for 2017 include
the historic Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, in April led by Ray,
the Yuengling Brewery in June led by Bob "Radar" D.,
Thomas Edison's West Orange Laboratory in September led by Bobby D.
Cumberland County's Bayshore Center at Bivalve Village in October co-hosted by Ray and Jerry.
(This adventure will include lunch at the quaint and curious Oyster Cracker Café and possibly a small volunteer work project,)

HOMER/HOMERETTE Luncheons/Dinners
In May hosted by Jerry & Mickey,
in July hosted by George & Janice
in September hosted by Larry & Sue.

our annual Christmas Party in December.
November 29, 2016
What fun it is to share ... Pizza with friends... At a time of the year, when... It's cold outside, but warm within.


Mike is the Property Director for the YMCA Camp Ockanickon.

Bob H.

Our Life Story Presentations continued tonight.
We heard from Fred and Bob H.
Special guest Mike D. joined in, too.

Welcome to the First Ever Caption Writing Contest
Wait, I'll get you started.
"Once upon a time a HOMER was given three boards, two bolts, two washers,
two nuts, and one of these black, shiny things. After examining all the parts
he decided to . . ."

There is no prize for the best entry; just bragging rights!

Just a Reminder
the HOMER's November Meeting will be November 29th at Bobby D's.
But that doesn't mean the Homers have been home alone and sitting still; they've been working!
On a recent cool and crisp November morning Gene, Jerry, Bob D., Larry, Ron, Bobby D.,
and George G., AKA "The Router" were working at assembling mini-picnic benches for the children at a local camp.

Radar, ...

using his Navy training.
Only a few of us remember when we
could bend our knees like this?

Pre-school size picnic benches.

Congratulations, HOMERs!
Another job well done.

George, AKA The Router
Not only can this guy hit a 310 yard drive
straight down a fairway, he can do a quarter-turn
 rout at lightning speed, too!

October 15, 2016 is Moving Day!

our friend and member Tom
on his move to the Sunshine State.

We wish you well.
Be sure to keep in touch!